Located in the south of Izmir, Ephesus was the capital city of Roman province of Asia. It was the largest harbor on the Aegean Sea and city with great population reaching nearly 250.000 people in the Roman times. In the days of the Apostle John, Ephesus was the metropolis of Ionia, and it was known as "The light of Asia", The market of Asia and the first and greatest metropolis of Asia. Ephesus, which was rival of Alexandria in Egypt and Antioch in Syria, was the converging point for all the important trade and military roads and a wealthy city with cultured and corrupt community. The city was so famous because of its temple which was considered as one of the seven wonders of the world. Besides the great cult of Artemis, Ephesus was popular and prominent center for the Emperor worship. Paul stayed much longer than any other city in Ephesus. According to tradition, the Apostle John came to Ephesus and brought Virgin Mary to Ephesus with him. Saint John who was the head of the church in Ephesus was exiled to the rocky and isolated island of Patmos during the time of emperor Domitian. During his exile, John had his vision and Revelations and wrote 7 letters to the Seven Churches of Asia. John returned Ephesus after the assassination of Domitian and lived there till his death.


Letters to Churches