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Paul's Last Journey and Martyrdom


In Jerusalem, Paul was accused by preaching against Mosaic Law and the temple. He was further condemned by bringing a Gentile into temple grounds and defiling the temple. Paul was finally arrested and appeared in the court. Willing to appeal to Roman Emperor, he was taken to Rome. On the way to Rome, his ship called at Lycian town of Myra and then shipwrecked in the south west of Crete and drawn towards island of Malta where Paul healed the father Malta's governor. When he was in Rome waiting for the trial, Paul was treated nicely and had even opportunity to preach in Rome. He stayed nearly two years as prisoner and continued the evangelistic work. After being freed, Paul continued his missionary journeys, he possibly returned to Ephesus, Miletus and Troas where he was possibly  arrested. It is suggested that he even went to Spain which he had been dreaming about.

Paul and Peter were arrested once more after the great fire of Rome during the time of Nero. Paul was possibly in Troas during his arrest and sent to Rome for his second trial.


The life of this great man ended in Rome after the great fire which ravaged the city. Paul was condemned and executed in 67 AD. just a year before the death of Emperor Nero. Since he was a Roman citizens, he was beheaded just outside of city wall, near to Ostian Gate at Salvian Springs.


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