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Second Missionary Journey


AD 49-51

Second journey of Paul started from Syrian Antioch. This time, he was accompanied by Silas. Wishing to revisit some of the cities he visited during the first missionary journey, he went to Tarsus, Derbe, Lystra and some other cities of Galatia. Then Paul wanted to go to the Asian province of the Roman Empire but he was prevented by the Holly Sprit from going there. Then he wanted to go north to Bytinia Region but this time, he was prevented by the spirit of Christ. Paul and companions were guided towards Troas, a city in the south of Dardaneles, a popular crossing point from Asia to Europa. When Paul arrived there, he had his famous vision. In his dream, he had a man from Macedonia beseeching to come over to Macedonia to help them. From the Acts of Apostles, we also understand that Luke, the author of the Fourth Gospel and the writer of the Acts of Apostles joined to Paul's Party. Paul and companions first went to island of Samothrace, then arrived to Neapolis and Philippi where Paul met Lydia, a rich women from the city of Thyatira. In Philippi, Paul was disturbed by a mentally irritated slave girl who had peculiar powers. She was healed by Paul and she and her family were baptized by Paul who was arrested and put into a prison upon complains of the owners of the girl. Paul's party continued their journey and they passed Amphipolis, Apollonia, Thessalonica and arrived Athens where he has bitter argument with the philosophers of the city. Going to further south Paul arrived the city of Corinth, one of the important cities of southern Greece. After staying nearly 1 year, he traveled to Ephesus, the capital city of Asia. He was accompanied by Aquila and Priscilla, close friends of Paul from Corinth. Paul first went to Synagogues of Ephesus and spoke with the elders of the synagogues and argued with them Christian doctrines. He didn't stay long time in Ephesus to keep the feast (Passover) in Jerusalem. After promising he would return to Ephesus, he left for the Holy lands.

After his journey from Ephesus, Paul landed in Caesarea on the coastline of Palestine. Then he went up before to Jerusalem and finally to Antioch.


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