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Third Missionary Trip







Acts 18:23-28;19-21

AD 53-57

Paul spent the year 53-57 in Ephesus.

When Paul started his third missionary trip, the city in his mind was Ephesus and that was the main aim of his third trip. On the way to Ephesus, he revisited some of the cities of Galacia and traveled to Ephesus where he worked 2 and half years. His missionary work in Ephesus ended with the Silversmith Riot which forced Paul to leave. Planning to go to Macedonia, Paul stopped at Troas where he possibly spent few months of winter till he got the suitable weather for safe journey for northern Greece. Paul and his companions continued their journey to Macedonia where they spent nearly 18 then mouths in the Greece. Because of several attempts of murder, Paul didn't have a ship from Corinth but returned to Troas where he had his miracle related to young boy who fell from the window of s Roman House. Instead of taking the boat with his friends, he preferred walking 20 miles over the mountains to Assos. After Assos, Paul's boat stops the some Aegean islands such as Mitylene, Chios and Samos. Paul's boat stopped in Miletos where he met the elders of the Ephesian Church. It was a touching ceremony in the Lion Harbour of Ephesus. Everyone cried. They all knew they wouldn't see each other after this meeting. Paul, after staying 3 days, he left for Holy Lands.


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