Biblical Turkey

Biblical sites Guide gives detailed information on cities that Saint Paul visited in Turkey, Cyprus and Greece. Tarsus, the birth place of Saint Paul; Antioch on Orantes where Paul started his missionary journeys; Alexandria Troas where Saint Paul had his famous vision, Ephesus where Paul spent nearly tree years during his third missionary trip and Perge where he gave his first sermon on Anatolian Soil are all covered in Biblical Sites Guide. Biblical Turkey Guide covers First, Second and Third Missionary Trips of Paul and also his Journey to Rome. In addition to Biblical References, Biblical Sites Guide has information on places mentioned in Old Testament. Also The Seven Churches of Revelation on the western coast of Turkey (Ephesus, Symrna, Pergamon, Thyatira, Sardis, Philedelphia, Laodicea) and letters written to the people of these cities are explained in detail. To help you further, we also suggest some itinerates for Biblical Sites.

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