Blue cruise (cruising in Southwest Turkey) is one of the most relaxing vacations on earth. It is a unique form of cruising and yachting experience, an adventure that takes you to the magic of myths three millennia old, under the Mediterranean sun and in the turquoise blue of the crystal clear waters. It is also an opportunity to taste Turkish cuisine as well as fresh fish.        

A yachting holiday is the ideal way to see the best of Turkey’s Aegean and Mediterranean coastline. Many of the archaeological sites are accessible from the sea and the turquoise waters are a joy to swim in. Gulets are traditionally designed and locally built wooden motor sailing yachts . These yachts range in size from two to eight cabins and all cabins usually have wc/shower en-suite.

  The cabins of the crew are completely separeted from those of the passengers. The gulets offer enough space to the passengers in the cabins, in the aisles and on the deck.

The crew consists of a captain, a cook and one or two deckhands who are all experienced in their work. Although the gulets are essentially motor yachts, it is possible to sail certain distances during a Blue Cruise.

You can shape your cruise itinerary as you wish before booking. Usually the daily duration of cruising is not longer than 3-4 hours, and the rest of the day can be spent in a gorgeous cove enjoying the sun and the sea. Sunbathing on the deck, swimming in clear waters, snorkeling, windsurfing, waterskiing or just fishing…

Or anchoring in a cove and trekking in the wild nature, visiting a nearby village and coming closer to local people and their traditions or visiting an ancient ruin. Here, in the midst of the idyll, you can feel the touch of nature and history.

True to its spirit, the ideal itinerary for a Blue Voyage must allow you to best penetrate the sense and soul of places where you anchor. So, instead of rushing from one spot to the next, a program has to strike a balance between the time spent at sea, the time passed in various bays, villages or ancient sites and the time required to enjoy them. For those on a private cruise, we recommend an itinerary visiting as many places as possible without making the cruise tiresome. Cabin charter tours are scheduled in accordance with this philosophy, as well.

Below you will find a map not to scale. The purpose is to show details, major places on one map.

The major route is Bodrum-Bodrum cruise in the gulf of Gokova with a visit to Knidos. This is where the whole idea of Blue Cruise has started. We suggest first time travelers to try this balance of the small coves and ancient ruins.

The other important destination is to cruise from Marmaris to Fethiye. This is also a good combination of nature of history with more ancient ruins.

Antalya cruises are more rich on the historic ruins since the coast does not offer the small inlets and coves it does in the Bodrum , and Marmaris Fethiye region, unique to the Bodrum-Marmaris-Fethiye region.

With fixed itinerary, generally following classical routes with modifications to accommodate individual schedules or desires. It is possible to board or leave the yatch in Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek, Kusadasi, or Antalya (Kemer) or nearby Greek ports. Custom cruises to special destinations. For these tours we offer a wide selection of vessels for any budget. Greek Islands and Turkey

It is possible to charter private yacht cruises that combine the Dodecanese (Rhodes, Cos, Patmos, etc.) and Cycladic (Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Naxos, Amargos, etc.) Islands of Greece and The Turkish coasts. But there are harbour taxes and additional cruising fees for much longer distances associated with this type of cruise


Tour 1 Marmaris- Fethiye- Marmaris (one week)

Tour 2 Marmaris- Knidos- Marmaris (one week)

Tour 3 Marmaris- Bodrum- Marmaris (one week)

Tour 4 Marmaris- Köycegiz- Fethiye- Marmaris (one week)

Tour 5 Marmaris- Fethiye- Kalkan (two weeks)

Tour 6 Göcek- Tersane- Marmaris (one week)

Tour 7 Marmaris- Fethiye- Kekova (two weeks)

Tour 8 Istanbul- Marmaris- Dalaman (two weeks)

Tour 9 Marmaris- Fethiye- Marmaris (four days)

Tour 10 Marmaris- Hisaronu -Marmaris (four days)

Tour 11 Marmaris- Bodrum- Marmaris (four days)

Bodrum, ancient Halicarnassos, home of the King Mausolus’s tomb one of the seven Wonders of the World. Her wife who also happens to be her sister had this tomb built after King Mausolos’ death to make his name immortal.
Knidos, the ancient Carian city is at the tip of the Gulf of Hisaronu adjacent to the Gulf of Gokova. The city, a prosperous commercial center, had two harbours in both of the gulfs, one Agean and the other Mediterranean. The remains of the temple, and the theater overlooks the sea. This ancient city is not easily reachable by land.
The town of Datca a popular port and the ancient city of Loryma which can only be reached by the sea are the highlights of the Gulf.
Dalyan bay, a natural preserve for sea turtles Caretta Caretta. They lay their eggs in the sandy beaches of this delta. Following the waterway inland you can see the mysterous Lycian tombs carved in the rocky hills in the city of Caunos, an ancient Carian city.
Oludeniz (Blue Lagoon)  has one of the most beautiful beaches along the coast.
The sunken city of Kekova, eternal fire of the monster in Mount Tahtali (Olympos), home of the Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas)