Day 1. Arrival to Istanbul

Day 2. Full day tour of Istanbul. Visit the Archaeological Museum where outstanding collection of Greek and Roman artefacts are displayed. Among the sarcophaguses displayed, enjoy “the sarcophagus of Alexander the Great” . Visit also St. Sophia Museum, Topkapi Palace, Blue mosque

Day. 3. Drive to Dardanelles where Alexander the Great crossed the strait in 334 BC. He visited Troy and the tombs of the heroes of the Trojan war. Lecture on the Granicus Battle, first battle of Alexander with the Persian Army.

Day. 4. Drive to Bergama. Visit the ancient city of Pergamon which was founded by the Alexander’s generals and continue to Izmir, Kadifekale (Mount Pagus) where Alexander the Great fell a sleep and had dream. After consulting the oracle of Claos, he transferred the city from Bayraki to Kadifekale where city continued in Hellenistic and Roman times. Dinner and overnight in Izmir.

Day 5. Drive to the capital city of Lydian Kingdom, Sardis which was captured by Alexander the Great in 334 BC. After visiting the Temple Of Artemis and Gymnasium-Synagog complex return Izmir and visit the Regional Archaeological Museum of Izmir.

Day 6. Drive to Ephesus, the most preserved archaeological site of Turkey. Visit the Temple of Artemis which Alexander wanted to give money for the reconstruction but refused by the people of Ephesus. Visit the major site o Ephesus, Basilica of Saint John and House of Virgin Mary.

day 7. Drive to Priene where Alexander helped to the construction of the Athena Temple. The inscription in the British Museum mentions ” The king Alexander presented this to Athena Polias. Then drive to Miletos, captured by Alexander who punished the Persians severely. Then visit the temple of Apollo where the oracle predicted the victory of Alexander the Great at Gaugamela. Drive to Bodrum, ancient Halicarnasus.

Day.8 Visit the great monuments and museums of Halikarnasus. Visit the site of ancient Mausoleum which was cnsidered one of the seven wonders of the world, the Greek theatre and the Museum of Underwater Archaeology where you will also enjoy the fascinating objects discovered at the tomb of queen Ada with whom Alexander became so friendly during his campaign.

Day.9 Drive to Antalya

day. 10 Visit Perge, Aspendos and Side, three cities of Pampilya captured by Alexander the Great. Visit also Termessos which Alexander tried to capture but failed.

Day 11 Drive to Sagalasssos and proceed to Gordion where Alexander cut the Gordion knot. Dinner and overnght in Ankara.

Day 12. Drive Ankara and visit the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations, the Temple of Augustus and the Mausoleum of Ataturk.

day 13 Drive to Cappadocia where Alexander left one of the commanders to rule the area. Visit the fascinating area with rock formations and rock cut dwelling.

Day 14 Full day visit of Cappadocia.

day.15 Drive to Tarsus where Alexander the Great got sick after taking a bath at the Tarsus river. dinner and over night in Adana.

day 16 Drive to Issus where Alexander the Great defeated the Persian army under the leadership of Darius III. Then Proceed to Antioch to enjoy Archaeological Museum where you wil enjoy an amazing collection of Roman Mosaics of the word.

Day 17. Flight to Istanbul and return home.