8 Universal Councils & 7 Churches of Asia Minor 8 Nights / 9 Days Day 1 : N THE STEPS OF ST. PAUL (MODIFIED I – 9 NIGHTS / 10 DAYS) Day 1 : ISTANBUL Arrive in Istanbul. Transfer to hotel. Rest of the day and evening at leisure. Day 2 : ISTANBUL Full day sightseeing in Istanbul in the old quarters of the city; Church of Chora famed with Byzantine mosaics and frescoes, Hagia Sophia, Church built by the emperor Justinian in the sixth century. Visit the Blue Mosque and the Hippodrome where chariot races were held in Roman times. Tour the Topkapi Palace museum with its priceless jewelled objects and the Porcelain Collection. Shopping in the Grand Bazaar. Day 3: ISTANBUL – ANTALYA Morning, cruise along the shores of the Bosphorus by boat, then cross the Bosphorus Bridge to Asian Istanbul for a visit to Beylerbeyi Palace, summer palace. Transfer to airport for flight to Antalya. Overnight in Antalya. Day 4: ANTALYA Antalya, Attalia the port for St. Paul on his first journey to Lystra and Derbe. Paul had sailed from Attalia to Antakya, Antioch. Drive along the Turkish Mediteranean coast to Perge where Paul stopped on his way to Pisidian Antioch with barnabas and Mark.Continue to Side and Aspendos with a majestic amphitheatre. Return to Antalya for overnight. Day 5: ANTALYA – PAMUKKALE Drive to Pamukkale to visit the ruins of Hierapolis, celebraated for its warm baths. St. Philip is burried at Hierapolis. Then drive to Laodicea to see the remains of one of the Seven Churches. Loadicea Church was a branch of Ephesus, as were the churches of Hierapolis and Colossea. Dinner and overnight at Pamukkale. Day 6: PAMUKKALE – IZMIR Morning drive to Miletos, with one of the largest amphitheatres in Asia Minor. It was in Miletos that Paul stopped at the end of his third journey and predicted his imprisonment. Afternoon visit the city of Ephesus where St. John was burried aand mary spent her last days. The Church of the Virgin Mary built in the early days of Christianity, was the seat for the Council of Ephesus. Drive to Izmir, Smyrna and overnight. Day 7 : IZMIR Morning visit Sardes the capital of Lydia where King Croesus ruled. Visit the gymnasium and the Temple of Artemis. Later drive to Alasehir, Philadelphia. In the city of “brotherly love” see the ancient city wall. Dinner and overnight in Izmir. Day 8: IZMIR – CANAKKALE Morning drive to Akhisar, Thyatira. The church at Thyatira had tolerated the works of Jezebel. Continue on to Pergamum to visit the Acropolis of Helenistic Pergamum. Among its buildings are the Altar of Zeus and the temples of Trajan & Dionysus. After visiting the Asclepion, the earliest health center of Asia Minor. Continue on to Canakkale for the night. Day 9: CANAKKALE Morning visit the site of Troy, the homeric city and the local museum. Drive to Troas from where Paul set sail to Neapolis on his second journey. Later visit Assos where Paul rejoined his companions. Dinner and overnight at Canakkale. Day 10: CANAKKALE – GREEK BORDER Early morning departure to cross the Dardenelles by ferry. Drive through the first world war battle fields of Gallipoli and reach the Turkish/Greek border. Transfer to a Greek motorcoach to continue the journey. Content composed with the instant Online HTML editor. Please purchase a HTMLg license to remove the promotional messages from the edited documents.STANBUL (D) Arrive in Istanbul and transfer to hotel. Enjoy welcome dinner. Day 2 : ISTANBUL (B, L , D) In the morning drive to the old town. First visit Church of Chora (Kariye) see the Byzantine mosaics reflecting Apocalpyse of St. John. Visit the Blue Mosque and the Hippodrome where chariot races were held in Roman times and Hagia Sophia, Church built by th emperor Justinian in the sixth century. After lunch, tour the Topkapi Palace museum with its priceless jewelled objects at Treasury and the Porcelain Collection. Dinner and overnight. Day 3 : ISTANBUL – Nicea (Iznik) – Thyatira – MANISA (B, L, D) Drive Iznik, the ancient Nicea, where the great Ecumenical Council convened in 4th century. See the Church of Hagia Sophia, the city Walls, some Ottoman monuments and visit a tile workshop. Afterwards drive over Bursa town to south , continue to Akhisar, Thyatira to see the remains of Basilica church. Overnight in Manisa. Day 4 : MANISA – Philadelphia – Sardes – PAMUKKALE (B, L, D) In the morning proceed to Sardes another of the Seven Churches.See the Temple of Artemis, restored Gymnasium, earliest Synagogue in Asia Minor. Continue on to Alasehir, Philadelphia, the church of “brotherly love” . Afterwards drive to Pamukkale, see the calcium deposits and luke-warm natural pools. Late afternoon enjoy the lukewarmness of thermal pools dinner and overnight in Pamukkale. Day 5 : PAMUKKALE – Hierapolis – Laodicea – Colossae – KUSADASI (B, L, D) After a visit to Hierapolis ruins and St. Philip`s martyrdom, drive to Laodicea. The church at Laodicea was an extension church of the church at Ephesus, as were the churches of Hierapolis and Colosea. Continue to Colossae. Biblical significance of Colossae lies in the fact that the book of Colossians was addressed to the church here (Col 1:2) and that Philemon lived in this city.. Continue to Kusadasi for overnight . Day 6 : PAMUKKALE – Ephesus – KUSADASI (B, L, D) Early morning departure to Ephesus. St. Arrive to Ephesus , first visit the House of Mary, where she spent her last days. See the chapel built to her name .Then visit the Basilica of St. John. Where he was buried and the Church was promoted by Paul and became the leading church of the earliest Seven Churche sof Asia Minor. In the afternoon visit the ancient ciþty of Ephesus . Paul stayed in Ephesus for two years. The still standing amphitheatre is the witness of the riots against St. Paul. The very first church dedicated to Virgin Mary was built in Ephesus too. Walk thru the marble paved streets see Hadrian Temple, Celsus Library, Agora and Temple of Diana, Dinner and overnight in Kusadasi. Day 7 : KUSADASI – Smyrna (Izmir) – PERGAMUM (B, L, D) In the morning depart for Izmir (Smyrna). Visit the ancient Agora of Smyrna, here was another one of the Seven Churches. After a panoramic drive in the city continue north to Bergama, Pergamum where the Satan’s Throne was. Visit the Acropol , see the altar of Zeus, Trajan Temple, the most steep Theatre. the Asclepion, the earliest health center of Asia Minor. Overnight in Bergama town. Day 8 : PERGAMUM – Troas – Troy – CANAKKALE (B, L, D) After a leisurely breakfast drive north to Troas where St. Paul walked 20 miles with Barnabas from assos to here and set sailed to Greece. See the grand ancient Troas . Afterwards drive to the legendary city of Homeros, Troy. Walk thru the layers of settlements . Overnight in Canakkale Day 9 : CANAKKALE – Border – KAVALA (B) Cross the Dardenelles by ferry and drive through the battlefields of Gallipoli. Continue to Turkey/Greece border. Croos to Greece