PERGAMON: Pergamon, the capital city of Pergamon Kingdom, was one of the Seven Churches of the Revelation. It was in Pergamon letter, Saint John mentions “the seat of Satan”SARDIS: Sardis, the capital city of the Lydian Kingdom, was the site of Artemis temple and ancient Synagogue. The city was also one of the Seven Churches.EPHESUS: Ephesus which is the most preserved archaeological site of Turkey was also the site of Artemis Temple, one of the seven wonders of the world. St. Paul, St. John and Virgin Mary visited the city in the Roman times. Ephesus church was addressed by John as one of the Seven Churches of the Revelation CAPPADOCIA: Cappadocia which is one of the geological wonders of the world has the most fascinating monuments of Hittite, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman times. Cappadocia’s rock cut churches, monasteries, underground cities attract great number of visitors to the region.TARSUS: Tarsus where Paul was born has still some monuments named after the Apostle.ANTAKYA: Antioch where the followers of Christ are called “Christians” first time was also starting place for Paul’s Missionary trips. St. Peter also stayed in Antioch.YAZILIKAYA/HATTUSAS: Hattusas, the capital of Hittites, is home of fascinating monuments of this great empire. Yazilikaya which was the open-air sanctuary of Hittites offer the carving of Great Hittites Pantheon.NEMRUD DAGI: Nemrud Dag, located in the south-east Anatolia, attracts great number of visitors to the tomb of Antiochus where colossal statues of Gods, Kings and sacred animals stare sightlessly on a mountain reaching to 2100 meters high.HARRAN: Harran is was Abraham’s home when he heard the God’s call. He is venerated by the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims as the father of many nations.TRABZON: Trabzon which became the late capital of Byzantine Empire has fascinating monuments of Byzantine and Turkish Times. St Sophia church and Sumela monastery are famous monuments of the city.VAN/ AHTAMAR: Historically, Van was the centre of the former Urartian Kingdom. The church of Holy Cross on the Ahtamar island is one of the most beautiful churches of the area.MOUNT ARARAT: M. Ararat where the Noah’s ark rested after the deluge towers over the Turkish-Iranian border.