Philippi (Acts 16:14-40) Paul first came to Philippi during his Second Missionary journey. Accompanied by Silas, Paul met the Lydia, a Thyatiran rich widow who was selling purple goods. After their encounter  Lydia and all the members of household were converted and baptized.Paul commended an evil sprit to come out of a slave girl. After the complain of her master, Paul and Silas were arrested, beaten and whipped and put into a prison. After a serious earthquake, the walls of the prison were destroyed and Paul and his companions were freed. The jailer and his household were converted and baptized. Paul warned the Roman  authorities about his Roman citizenship and was freed.ATHENSPaul came to Athens during his second Missionary trip. While waiting fro Hilas and Tomotheus to come, he argued with the people in the synagogue and the agora. He did this because the city was full of idols. He was brought to Ares Hill by the Stoic and Epicurean philosophers. There Paul spoke of Unknown God:Some people mocked him but some believed in him. CorinthPaul visited Corinth few times. He chose Corinth as the center of his activities because of two major reasons. Firstly it had a large Jewish population. Secondly, it was centrally located. It was on the major trade  roads running from north to south and it was a major sea port between Italy and Asia Minor.  During Paul’s time it was the largest and most influential town in the southern Greece. It was undisputed commercial center of Greece.  When Roman Emperor Claudius expelled all the Jews from Rome 49 BC, some come to Corinth. Aqilia and Priscilla with whom Paul accuented came from Rome during the expelled Jews. Since they were tentmakers, Paul work with them during his stay in Corint.According to Strabo, Corinth’s financial posterity was result of business activities, athletic games, quality and skill of its craftsmen and politicians and immorality. The temple of Aphrodite had nearly a thousand of temple slaves (prostitutes). His first visit was during his first Missionary journey and he stayed in Corinth nearly 18 month. He founded a church there and he preached the gospel to Jews and Gentiles.  It was in Koran he met Aqila and Priscilla with whom he stayed and made tents. Paul also stayed with Justus, whose house was next to synagogue. The chief ruler of the synagogues was Crispus whose relatives believed the preaching of Paul and were converted to Christian faith. Paul left Corint with Aquila and Priscilla and headed for Ephesus.