The Seven Churches are all located on the western Anatolia. Visitors can see al of them in 3/4 days.
The purpose of the letters was to grant hope and assurance to the people who were about to encounter persecutions and asperity.



Ephesus, which is the most preserved archaeological site of Turkey, was also the home for the Artemis Temple, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. St. Paul, St. John and Virgin Mary visited the city in the Roman times. Ephesus was the first church among the Seven Churches of Revelation.


During the Roman times, Smyrna became the rival city to Ephesus. It prided itself as being the Rome’s most faithful ally, and built a temple for Goddess Rome. The letter addressing to the church in Izmir is full of sympathy and love. It was written to the church nearly 60 years before the martyrdom of Saint Polycarp.


The letter, written to the church in Pergamon, is full of praising and accusations. People of Pergamon are accused to eat the food offered to pagan gods and practice the immortality. Many bible scholars accept the seat of Satan, mentioned in the letter of the John, as the Zeus Altar.


The city was an important industrial center reputed because of its trade unions for wool, clothing and purple dyes. One can still see the ruins of a columned street and an impressive Byzantine structure, which is recognized, as church or an administive building. The letter written to this church is the longest letter of seven letters.


Sardis was the capital city of King Croesus who was considered as the richest man on earth in the ancient times. Lydians were so proud of their richness and their impregnable fortress. However, the city was captured twice when Lydian guards were careless and sleepy. The Church in Sardis is blamed not to be careful and watchful.  PHILADELPHIAThe city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, was founded by Pergamon king Attalos II for his brother. After the great earthquake of 17 AD, the city was rebuilt with the help of Emperor Tiberius who changed the name of the town to Neo-Caeseria.


Laodocia, which was located in a very fertile valley, was established in the Hellenistic period. During the Roman centuries, it became one of the greatest and most powerful cities of the region. People of Laodicea are accused for being lukewarm